Life on a Mountain!

Another lovely day up on Belcher mountain !  My husband and I have lots to do and alot of land to cover.  Though we did alot of landscaping thus far, more than I anticipated just living here less than 8 months !  We are workers, and I for one do not procrastinate !!  My husband and I work well together, planting, mulching, staining, whatever needs done.   We did make two areas off to the side of our cabin in a wooded area to hang two hammocks.  Very quite, relaxing atmosphere, a sanctuary to go take a nap or just listen to nature, a surreal safe haven.   He cleared some paths and we both put stones along our pathways.  Of course we can get all the rock and stones we want on our land !   I then landscaped it all with solar lighting.

I have a plan…………as always to have so much done this year, next year, and so on.  Yes I’m quite the planner and organizer! Looking down our front enbankment, I decided to have a meadow of wildflowers.  In the spring I bought pounds of seeds online.  Bob sowed the seeds and now they are starting to come up and some with blooms !   We plan each Fall and Spring to sow wildflower seeds all over our enbankment, then one day have a wonderful meadow of beautiful wildflowers !  Beats mowing !   Yep no lawn here to mow as thats how we planned it !   As far as next year beyond this enbankment, I plan on having a garden and a small apple orchard to take up the space where they cleared.  I would say in two years ALL of our landscaping will be complete !   Of course Bob has other things to tinker around with like setting up a workshop in the garage down below and remodeling our basement.  Thats another story……….we don’t want to have to be working on the outside for the next 10 years so this is why we are planning it out what to do this year and next year.   We do want to enjoy it and not have to be doing work all the time !!

I realize in years to come, Bob will always find things to do.  He will venture out further into the woods, decide to clear this, clear that, and come up with a plan but those are small things to tinker with.    Of course we need a place to build a big bonfire pit!!!     Finished for the night, think I will relax outside on my skychair !


3 Responses to Life on a Mountain!

  1. I have a blog on word press too. Have not been inspired to write lately. Maybe I need the mountains also!

    • ineztoney says:

      I’ve been enjoying it, wished I started it at the time of building our cabin! Still looking for work from home no luck! Someone told me about and where you bid on projects. I signed up and will keep looking for anything that pops up that I’m interested in and will bid on. See you soon!!

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