Surreal on a mountain!

I haven’t posted in a long time, people say you may get bored living in the country ! Apparently they never lived in the country !  Living around the little community of Meadows of Dan, Va may not be considered a “town”, but your close to wineries, and a town called FLOYD !  Floyd offers Friday night jamborees inside the country store AND musicians up and down the main street !  We love going there listening to different types of music.  Lots of good eating places as well.    We have couple country stores here, on in Meadows of Dan and down the road in Vesta.

We have been here 4 1/2 years and loving it, never bored.  I hop on our ATV and ride the area, sit on the porch drinking wine and looking at this gorgeous view.  I started a wildflower bank, since we didn’t want any grass,  we plant wildflower seeds on our embankment.   We have a nice little community here at Edgeview, still have neighbors but not right next door.  Enough of space  between you that we don’t hear other peoples conversations !

Having a log home and living on this mountain is the best kind of living one can encounter!   One never gets tired of it,  your not isolated, still close enough to Meadows of Dan or Floyd.  Crime is low compared to city living, I feel safer here.   I wouldn’t give this up to live in a town for nothing !    Some may say they want town living for convenience,  well………..all I can say,  I can give up living a mile from a grocery store for peace and tranquility !   No big deal driving 15 miles to Walmart or to Floyd to shop !  I can’t say enough about living in a log cabin on a mountain !  Our dream, our retirement !





About ineztoney

Growing up as a small town girl to a country girl and loving it!
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