Summer Days

Haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been busy working several days a week at a wonderful country store called POOR FARMERS FARM in Vesta, Va.
They started having a monthly music event with front porch blues and bluegrass!! Held on Saturday afternoons. What a wonderful time everyone has for entertainment in the mountains ! Still enjoying our lovely log home, wouldn’t change a thing living in the mountains ! Alot better than the over crowded cities, nice to visit or vacation but not to live !! THe mountains are so surreal and quiet. There is a tranquility listening to nature. We are blessed to have built our loghome and live here. GOD put us here for a reason, to enjoy the rest of our lives in this utterly beautiful mountain ! We are blessed to have met a wonderful builder who we became friends with he and his wife, (Don & SHaron Lewellyn!!) Thanks Don, you have built some awesome cabins around here !!

Its nice going to a country store, basically you can buy just about all your produce there, flour, homemade canned goods, not to mention clothing/tshirt line ! But yet close enough to Floyd, (a bigger town) to go for groceries ! Not inconvenient at all ! Lots to do between here and Floyd. We have a good variety of restuarants to go too, wineries, and music festivals, who needs a city !!!

Just enjoying life!! Bob and I truly love it here and are blessed with one another !!


About ineztoney

Growing up as a small town girl to a country girl and loving it!
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