Feeling the breeze in the mornings and evenings almost feel like FALL is in the air ! Some leaves have fallen and soon you will see leaves changing. I believe FALL will arrive early ! Just hope winter doesn’t arrive early! We didn’t have much of a summer with all the rain. Lets hope we do not see ole’ man winter arrive early!

We moved in last December, so we’ve been through one winter, spring and summer. Now we are approaching FALL, we will enjoy living here and seeing the leaves change in southwest Virginia ! One thing we noticed unlike living in town, we only turned on our AC for 2 days !!I guess we had 2 muggy days that I couldn’t take! LOL! Has been so nice we were able to keep our windows up all summer! Its definitely better in the mountains !! I will deal with little tougher winters up here for cooler summers!

Get out and enjoy this beautiful day !!


About ineztoney

Growing up as a small town girl to a country girl and loving it!
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