Life on a Mountain!

Waking up to hearing my two windchimes what a soothing sound. Love hearing those throughout the night as I’m sleeping.  A peaceful and quiet morning looking out my window having coffee.   I hear the breeze blowing, chimes chiming…….what a nice sound!

Down below out land is a river, you can sit out on the porch and hear the water flowing.  Now who wouldn’t want this country life !! Beats hearing traffic up and down the street !   We have a wonderful subdivision here with wonderful neighbors.  We are the first to live here full time.  We do have someone else living up here most of the time  and another couple will be here next year when they retire.  As for the rest, they all visit often to their mountain home.  

We have french doors in our bedroom that opens out to our porch, waking up each morning looking at the mountains… don’t get any better than that !   Going back to enjoy my coffee and nature !!   A life my husband and I thoroughly enjoys !!  Until next time, take life easy, life is sooooooo precious !!


About ineztoney

Growing up as a small town girl to a country girl and loving it!
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One Response to Life on a Mountain!

  1. I can still hear those chimes in my mind. The sound of the river is best. Nice post.

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