Life on a mountain !

I’ve always been somewhat of a “city slicker” until we moved to Virginia.  Once I became a Realtor and introduced myself to Patrick County, I fell in love with the beauty of nature and a small community town called Meadows of Dan.   In 2005, my husband and I were introduced to this wonderful upcoming subdivision called Edgeview Mountain Estates.  We bought a 13 acre tract of land which is located 3,000 feet in elevation.    Though we did not puchase on what one would call the “cliff” side, we purchased across the road which one would call the “mountain side”, due to having more acreage.

Then November of 2011this dream of ours became a reality !  We started building our retirement “log cabin home” ! Who would know where I grew up that I would be living ontop of a mountain !!   We had gone through the building for a year, choosing everything, lots of decision making…………. then December 15, 2012, we moved from town to ontop of a mountain!!

Its a dream come true and I for one would never go back to living in a town again.   You may sacrifice certain things such as……….you can’t call Pizza Hut or Dominos’s!  OR you just don’t drive across town a mile or so to pick up your milk, ect.  BUT its worth it if your a planner like I am !  Who needs to call in for pizza delivery !!!!  I’d rather make my own dough and have it homemade for less than half the price anyway !!    My husband and I who is also retired, have thoroughly enjoyed living up here,enjoying the country life and working around the outside of our cabin.

Stay tuned as I will continue to blog on our adventure of a lifetime !!



About ineztoney

Growing up as a small town girl to a country girl and loving it!
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2 Responses to Life on a mountain !

  1. Nice job Inez. Welcome to the blogging world.

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