Another beautiful mountain top morning

Sitting on my porch facing the mountain drinking coffee along with sunshine and just the right temperature for a July morning. NO humidity as usual, a cool calming breeze and hearing the river below flowing. What a tranquil sound ! Who would not
want to live on this mountain ! I’ve always wanted a log home ever since in my 20s. When my husband and I married, he wanted log home living as well. We love antiques and rustic. Nothing more than a log home says “rustic” !! A loghome and
antiques in the mountain goes hand in hand.

I will keep blogging and posting fall and winter pictures as well. Each season brings such beauty surrounding our cabin. Doesn’t get any better than this !   Below is a picture I captured last evening sitting out on the porch!


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Surreal on a mountain!

I haven’t posted in a long time, people say you may get bored living in the country ! Apparently they never lived in the country !  Living around the little community of Meadows of Dan, Va may not be considered a “town”, but your close to wineries, and a town called FLOYD !  Floyd offers Friday night jamborees inside the country store AND musicians up and down the main street !  We love going there listening to different types of music.  Lots of good eating places as well.    We have couple country stores here, on in Meadows of Dan and down the road in Vesta.

We have been here 4 1/2 years and loving it, never bored.  I hop on our ATV and ride the area, sit on the porch drinking wine and looking at this gorgeous view.  I started a wildflower bank, since we didn’t want any grass,  we plant wildflower seeds on our embankment.   We have a nice little community here at Edgeview, still have neighbors but not right next door.  Enough of space  between you that we don’t hear other peoples conversations !

Having a log home and living on this mountain is the best kind of living one can encounter!   One never gets tired of it,  your not isolated, still close enough to Meadows of Dan or Floyd.  Crime is low compared to city living, I feel safer here.   I wouldn’t give this up to live in a town for nothing !    Some may say they want town living for convenience,  well………..all I can say,  I can give up living a mile from a grocery store for peace and tranquility !   No big deal driving 15 miles to Walmart or to Floyd to shop !  I can’t say enough about living in a log cabin on a mountain !  Our dream, our retirement !




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Summer Days

Haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been busy working several days a week at a wonderful country store called POOR FARMERS FARM in Vesta, Va.
They started having a monthly music event with front porch blues and bluegrass!! Held on Saturday afternoons. What a wonderful time everyone has for entertainment in the mountains ! Still enjoying our lovely log home, wouldn’t change a thing living in the mountains ! Alot better than the over crowded cities, nice to visit or vacation but not to live !! THe mountains are so surreal and quiet. There is a tranquility listening to nature. We are blessed to have built our loghome and live here. GOD put us here for a reason, to enjoy the rest of our lives in this utterly beautiful mountain ! We are blessed to have met a wonderful builder who we became friends with he and his wife, (Don & SHaron Lewellyn!!) Thanks Don, you have built some awesome cabins around here !!

Its nice going to a country store, basically you can buy just about all your produce there, flour, homemade canned goods, not to mention clothing/tshirt line ! But yet close enough to Floyd, (a bigger town) to go for groceries ! Not inconvenient at all ! Lots to do between here and Floyd. We have a good variety of restuarants to go too, wineries, and music festivals, who needs a city !!!

Just enjoying life!! Bob and I truly love it here and are blessed with one another !!

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A relaxing day !!


This is my path I walk nearly everyday.  What a beautiful sight, breathing fresh mountain air and soon the leaves will be changing.  This is the most relaxing walk ever !!  Even in the spring and summer its so beautiful here, what breath taking views !!  I can’t believe we will be here a year in December !!   What a nice place to live and our neighbors are wonderful!  I will be posting some awesome pics later this Fall and of our winter !  


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Let the fog roll in

Woke up early this morning, no fog, looked like it was going to be a clear day. I took a nice long walk  to the end of our community, good workout because I live in the mountains.  There are alot of up and down hills, so I decided to get these lungs of mine into shape……….amoung other things !  I made it without no problem!  Had to stop few times of course to catch my breath…….who wouldn’t !!  Felt good, I plan on doing this walk daily!  When I came back, the fog rolled in !  Its so thick you can’t see any mountains across the way!  Where did this fog come from !!  I’m sure it will clear up later so I can take another walk !

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Feeling the breeze in the mornings and evenings almost feel like FALL is in the air ! Some leaves have fallen and soon you will see leaves changing. I believe FALL will arrive early ! Just hope winter doesn’t arrive early! We didn’t have much of a summer with all the rain. Lets hope we do not see ole’ man winter arrive early!

We moved in last December, so we’ve been through one winter, spring and summer. Now we are approaching FALL, we will enjoy living here and seeing the leaves change in southwest Virginia ! One thing we noticed unlike living in town, we only turned on our AC for 2 days !!I guess we had 2 muggy days that I couldn’t take! LOL! Has been so nice we were able to keep our windows up all summer! Its definitely better in the mountains !! I will deal with little tougher winters up here for cooler summers!

Get out and enjoy this beautiful day !!

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Listening to the night sounds

Has anyone ever been content just sitting and listening to the night sounds? I think its peaceful sitting here on my laptop with the door open and hearing sounds of the critters outside chirping. The winds are calm which usually they are blowing and my windchimes start playing music. I hear the chimes almost nightly playing music while calming to me as I sleep. As FALL approaches we will see leaves changing and another love of mine……change of season!

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Smith River


This is the head of Smith River, its located down below the mountain (walking distance but easier by ATV!). The sound of water flowing most of the time is so surreal and relaxing! Today though was a rainy off and on day. Hubby and I took advantage of calling it our lazy day…… do nothing !!
It was quite breezy up here on the mountain but windows up and breeze feels good ! Only turned on the AC for 1 1/2 days all summer !! Guess I got a heat flash! LOL! I love it not having to have it on and enjoy windows and doors open with the breeze! awwwhhhhhhhhh

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Our BirdHouse Cabin!

birdhouse replica of loghome

A very dear best friend of mine had this replica made of our cabin as a housewarming gift! How thoughtful and the thought she put into this was amazing! She found someone to make this and never would I had thought of a replica of our cabin! I would wonder everytime she asked for photos of the cabin (to show her friends supposedly!), or a piece of our red metal roof!! I asked her one day why do you need that! She just replied that she was working on a project. This was the biggest surprise to my hubby and I ! Thank You very much !!

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My Railing Panels

My favorite !

My favorite !

Thanks to our builder, Hearth Enterprises for creating such great stairway panels!! Have wolf, racoon, deer, bear, pine trees,ect all carved in these metal panels! Awesome work !!! Thanks DON!!

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